MEI am Brais Feijoo Gil, a spanish 27 years old architect. Graduated on CESUGA (University college Dublin) in 2012. But I think that the important thing about me is not that I have a title, is the way I want to use it and for what.

To get into the reasons for why I’ve decided to become an architect I will try to describe myself first.
  • First I could say that my best characteristic is my curiosity. I feel curiosity for everything that surrounds my live, from architecture to science. I like to draw, photography, astronomy, history, computing… So I’m always trying to learn new things reading, searching and experimenting by myself; looking for the answers to my questions.
  • Secondly I’m an open-minded person, ready to listen and learn from the others; able to work in group and talkative. I’m used to talk in public and participating on public activities; that’s why I’ve worked as a social coordinator on my village untill now or participated in architectural-social works on the field.
  • Finally this curiosity and the desire of learning new things always pushed me to try to travel, meet new cultures and their different point of view. And on the other hand practice sports as swimming, tennis, basketball or snowboard.
So because of this way of looking at live and the knowledge that architecture is more than a technical career, I decided to study it 9 years ago.

¿For what I want to use my knowledge about architecture? ¿Wich is the way that I think should be used?

Architecture for me is more than a design or a technical problem that should be solved; is a way to approach to the society and solve their problems. The problems of all.

My curiosity about how all is connected gives me a different perspective about the problems that as architects we have to solve, and this social part (with the consequent responsability) of the architecture for me is the one of the most important aspects.



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