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…..Original recommendation in spanish. (TRADUCTION AT THE BOTTOM)


Architect and urbanist. Urbanism and projects professor at CESUGA-University College Dublin. Spanish delegate of the CYTED at the XIV-E net for the improvement of dwelling and the Iberoamerican rural settlements. Worked in different projects & researchs from the territorial scale to the urban design; intervening in different contexts and scales.
From natural areas to high urbanized areas; like the rehabilitation of the Historical Center of Jacmel in Haití or the enviromental regeneration of the Archeological & Natural Isabela park in the Rep. Domincana.


That the architect Brais Feijoo Gil has been my student, always distinguished by his intelligence to approach problems in different scales, with a great working capacity and social commitment. What has been shown in his territorial transformations investigation into the metropolitan scale, in the ways of living in the neighborhood and his final thesis report/project throught an Alzheimer’s treatment center.

He have all my support for future projects, and my recomendation for any solicitude that allows him to bring them to a good end.


2. RVR architects.

…..Their website:

…..Original recommendation in spanish. (TRADUCTION AT THE BOTTOM).

Microsoft Word - certificado Brais.doc


RVR architects,

José Valladares Durán, architect, member with the architects Alberto Redondo & Marcial Rodríguez of RVR architects; located in Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

In RVR architects we develop our job in the different scales of the architecture: the construction of the city and the rural territory, the rehabilitation & protection of the constructed heritage. In the intervention in the landscape, actuations in the urban space, also furniture design & expositions. Participating too in national and international competitions. Our job has been published usually in publications as “Tectónica 35”, “Arquitectura COAM 365”, “Obradoiro 32 y 34”, “Arquitectura y madera Lignum Facile”, “Diseño interior”, etc.
Winners of national and international rewards, like: “V Enor award: Galician Enor award for the archeology park of petroglyphs in Campo Lameiro (Pontevedra)”; “XII COAG architecture award for the adecuation of the Finisterre lighthouse”; “Cities World Heritage awards, Spain, 2010”; “Culture Spain Department for the adaptation and rehabilitation of Belvís, Santiago de Compostela”; “VI European Rosa Barbá award, selected works: adecuation of the Finisterre lighthouse and archeology park of petroglyphs in Campo Lameiro”; “X Biennal of Spanish Architecture, selected work: adecuation of the Finisterre lighthouse”.


That the architect Brais Feijoo Gil, has been working with us 14 months, between October 2012 to November 2013, developing different architecture projects as the following:

-Hotel Park in Heiden, Switzerland.

-Elderly residence in Herisau, Switzerland.

-Reformation of the urban axis of Santa Clara/Pastoriza, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Brais has shown all the time a great working capacity and an inteligence that looks further than the obvious and the necessary energy to do it; to think over and over again about the proposed work till refine it a little bit more; finding a better solution to a problem that is better than the previous one. He was able to work skillfully in the different scales demanded in the projects he has worked and showing too an special empathy for the team work and the integration into teams with people of different disciplines and professions.

Therefore have all my personal and the studio support to his professional career that now he starts and our recomendation to any working solicitude that he could undertake.



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