Pilgrims left-luggage office

Project and stickers designed by me.

This project consisted on rehabilitate with a small budget a space to use it as a             left-luggage office for pilgrims near to the arriving point at the cathedral.
The idea tottaly developed by me was to design a space that is friendly with the visitor and at the same time a “moving space” that remember the visitor the long journey that they have completed.
That idea is completed by a “dynamic” forniture design and a conceptual graphic design that “moves” along into the local to the reception area, simulating the existing Saint James paths converging in “Santiago de Compostela” that is at the end of the office.


As you can see at the ground floor and elevations, playing with the furniture design and the stickers the space seems to “flow”. On the other hand this furniture gives the visitor spaces to sit, to lay down to see information etc. Exist too an area where they can share their experience with the others or to try to contact with people they have met during their travel via letters or photos.

2-page-001 1-page-001This is the furniture that allow to the pilgrims to buy food or drinks, to sit or to save their canes (a popular tradition is save them and go back home with them to use it the next time you come back to do the Saint James path).



Constructive drawings

With a really small budget to work with, the objective was complete. The “official” pilgrims office is one of the most used of the city and all pilgrims have a good experience on it due to all the posibilities that the space gives to them and the assistance gived to them there.


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