Project finalist of the competition.

The objective of the competition was to design a research center, a conservation place for ancient manuscripts and a center for visitors. Located on a hill in South Cadbury, a place where the legend of King Arthur borned. The supposedly location of his castle. Finnaly, the building should be an icon and linked to the history that have behind.

Project key translation:

“The space brakes like sand that slides between  the fingers. Is the time who takes it and only leaves a few formless pieces . Write; try to hold something meticulously, achieve that something survives: pull off some accurate crumbs to the empty that is being digged, leave in somewhere a groove, a trace, a brand or some signs”.

The biggest legend between the legends: CAMELOT.

A myth that has been a reference among the folklore and history of Great Britain and had influenced the culture and society until our days. A cultural icon that represents in part the character of the british people.

An iconic project for a iconic cultural value. An architectonic element wich ideas follow a primal idea; the evocation of sensations that could transport the visitor of the present to a past full of magic and mistery. A space, a sensitive catalyst, a place full of sensations, lights and shadows; of textures and empties.

Of this idea arise two different spaces, one interior and another exterior; but both linked by the light and the shadow, by the wall and his weight. By the evocation of a reinterpreted ruin; by a space that gets carved to bring light to a interior space that is necessary hidden.

The wall, before a key element in the defense of Camelot is reinterpreted to a new function; lost the defensive use the empty now is more important; the solid gets carved and cutted, and now is a container of light and uses. Is a filter between spaces and organizes it; is the evocation of a magesty ancient ruin that arises from far away on the landscape. Meanwhile, the museum is hidden in the interior of the hill.

Appears an interior space: full of chiaroscuro, earthly, a place of contrasts between the horizontal floor and the verticality of the wall. A new “walled castle” with a little wall perforated by other secondary uses; that works as a distinguishing element that separates the “transit” and exposition spaces. Appears entrance “doors” to each interior “worlds”, those doors are “marked” by the verticality and the light. By unique exposition spaces.

The entrance, after a easy ascendent road that surrounds the hill, suddendly appears; hidden like a tunel that get us inside of camelot. A jurney to the past trought architecture, the light and the shadow. The entrance is the magic of the surprise and the light games; that transport us along the history.

Is not a building; is a wall, a line, a space that lead us to the past.


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