Intermodal station. Betanzos.

The project conditions and the idea.

After the urban project of a residential expansion for Betanzos I’ve had to design two of the proposed endowments on it.
The first one was the key of the conexions between the expansion, Betanzos and the other Galician cities due to the conexion to the national railroad. An intermodal station that would mix a tranvia conexion with the city, a regional/national train conexion and different bus conexions.

The plot was located on a strategic position. Working as a node between the old city, the new city and the expansion and crossed by the national railroad network.

The program included a tram dock, bus dock, cafeteria, WC, a viewpoint, a shop and two office.

The building idea comes from four clear intentions:

  1. The need of a large green park that will work as a link between both parts of the city.
  2. The intention that the building emerge from this green land, forms part of it and appearing as a “surprise” among the terrain.
  3. Made a building that operates as an extension of that public space into the interior of it.
D:intercambiadorplano comunicación Presentación1 (1)

Evolution of the idea.

D:intercambiadorplano comunicación Presentación1 (1)

3D final scheme of the building.


Architecture plans

D:intercambiador4 Presentación3 (1)

Site plan.

D:intercambiador4 Presentación3 (1)

Public space organizacion and conexions scheme with the city.



Building plan.

Building plan.


Section 1.

Section 1.

Section 2.

Section 2.

D:intercambiador4 Presentación3 (1)

Section 3.

Section 4.

Section 4.


Esternal view 2.

External view 2.


Structure and construction.

The materials and the structure plays an important role on the integration of the building into the terrain. The use of wood as a façade and interior material supported by a lightweight steel structure allowed me to use long vains. This long vains enable a clear sense of light and a good transition between exterior and interior.

Structure plans:

Fundation plan

Fundation plan.

The foundation structure consist of isolated concrete footings attached by concrete tie beams.


Ground flor and viewpoint plan.

The main structure consist of a light steel pillars and beams mixed with concrete slabs.


Technical tables.


Pillar structural detail.

Construction plans:

Construction section.
  1. Concrete pavement                        e: 15 mm
  2. Mortar                                             e: 35 mm 
  3. Sand                                                e: 75 mm                
  4. Gravel                                           e: 210 mm
  5. Elastomeric roofing                                                   
  6. Continuous                                   e: 300 mm
  7. Steel veneer                                                                 
  8. Glass                                           5+5+10+5+5      
  9. Pine base screed                      300×500 mm               
  10. Oak deck       150×500 mm           e: 15 mm
  11. Extruded polystyrene                  e: 300 mm               
  12. Pine decking 150×2500 mm          e: 15 mm      
  13. Pine base screed                     1200×300 mm              
  14. Rock wool                                     e: 120 mm 
  15. Drop ceiling pine sheating             e: 15 mm           
  16. Pine based screed                     300×350 mm 
  17. Continuous slab                             e:150 mm           
  18. S-Shape 220  
  19. Steal angle                                      32×32 mm           
  20. U steal profile                                28×28 mm
  21. Zinc copestone                                  e: 1 mm          
  22. Pine base screed                        500×300 mm
  23. Extruded polyestyrene                        40 mm              
  24. Composite decking                          e: 10 mm
  25. Elastomeric roofing                                            
  26. Pine based screed                      200×200 mm
  27. Pine roof boarding                           e: 15 mm            
  28. PVC node
  29. Geotextile                                           e: 1 mm      

Contructive detail 1 & 2.


Contructive detail 3 & 4.

render constructivo

Constructive render 1

render constructivo 2

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Constructive render 2

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